I have finally arrived in Kibaale which I will call my home for the next year. I arrived with all my stuff yesterday afternoon but with all the company I received, I have now put everything in place.

Kibaale is a happening place this weekend. There is a youth conference in the community centre across the sport field from my small cozy apartment. The music is amazing even if I do not know the language. There must be at over a hundred young people enjoying fellowship and listening to  the energetic  and enthusiastic speaker. I am excited to know that there are so many young Christians in the  community. The three day conference finishes this afternoon.

Last night when the lights went out sometime around 7:30 pm….. I got to use my new solar paneled lanterns and flashlights. It was fun trying to find them in the dark as I did not know when the lights would go out. It seems that the generator is dead. Not to be resurrected again. So the question is to buy a new one or try something else like solar panels. There are a few solar panels on the compound but not enough to keep the lights and everything else supplied with “juice”.  With the solar  lanterns lighting up a small section of my abode, I was able to stay up and read until after 10 pm. When the lights went out it was dark. I mean I could not see the nose on my face. Initially, I lay and listened to the strange night sounds like frogs or crickets but later on it was silent. It was so quiet that I could hear myself breathing. I have never been in a place where there was so much silence. I did not feel alone but close to God…. as if I could reach out and touch him.