Each evening…… just before sunset around 6:30 I take a walk around the grounds to enjoy the coolness of the evening. I have taken a walk each evening since my arrival in Kibaale.  Tonight, I was reflecting on the beauty all around me….. the sun was just over the horizon and the sky was a abstract canvas of purples, mauves, dark pink with  dark blues along the edges of the hillsides. The various shapes and types of trees were silhouetted against this amazing backdrop. It had been another very hot day…. with temperature over 96 degree F.  By the time the sun is setting …. the heat drops and the coolness takes over. There is no light or man made light visible in any direction only the half moon shining down and giving light to the darkness. It is such an amazing time of the day……. you can see for miles the various hills and valleys…. but it is for only a few minutes as  the darkness falls quickly. The air is fresh and sweet and the land is quiet. No sound of cars or motorcycles, no sirens or alarms…..only the few last birds giving chorus with the crickets.  It seems that all is at peace…… and I too take a deep breath and enjoy my surrounds.

I have now been in Kibaale just over one week and so much has happened……. there are no words to describe my learning… from how to cook with propane stove in the dark, or wonder what is making the strange sounds outside or was it inside my little house in the middle of the night, or try to come up with a menu for dinner when the fridge does not work and you question the food stuff in it, or what people are asking you. Sometimes they are speaking English but the accent is too heavy or you understand the words but they do not make any sense.  I can only  laugh….. laugh and laugh and laugh loud and long…… for it is all too  funny.  Like this evening…. I was given some “Irish potatoes”, that is the name of the spud which looks like  a regular every day potato. They are very small so it took some work to peel enough potatoes for me for dinner and maybe fried for breakfast. Now, do I wash them in clean or dirty water….. well it is OK to wash them in dirty water since they will be boiled for at least 3 minutes. I cleaned them and cut them up and now had to find the matches to start the burner……. all went well… the potatoes were boiling.  I realized I do not have a potato masher. Well, I can have boiled potatoes or I can find a way to mash them…… I discovered a large metal spoon which worked pretty good. I love my mashed potatoes with milk and butter. But I do not have real milk only powered milk. Do I want to add powered milk to my potatoes along with some water or ….. I decided on margarine.  I was going to fry up two eggs to go with my potatoes. I had a lantern on the counter lighting my efforts on mashing potatoes but since there was no light over the stove …. I did not notice I burned the eggs.  I left the potatoes sitting on the counter and started frying eggs a second time. I finally sat down to a large plate of mashed potatoes and  two fried eggs.  It was a good meal.

I thought that adding a new posting to my blog was more important that cleaning up and doing the dishes. I somehow never get the dished clean while working in the dark. I usually have to wash them again the next day….. So why do I not leave them until the morning to do them….. because I want to prevent any bugs or ants from thinking they can get a free meal at  my house.