Once again I have tried to add a photo to my blog but I was unsuccessful.

Walk into your kitchen and look at your fridge…… my new one looks just like yours except for two things…. one it runs on propane and does not need any electricity and the second difference is that it is at least two times the cost of most refrigerators in Canada and USA.

I left Kibaale last Thursday afternoon ….. Ken had come down to Kibaale for meetings and was going to drive me back to Masaka. It was going to be the start of my commute between Kibaale and Masaka…….. but things went sideways. The dry season in Kibaale continues and is hard on everyone. The numerous individuals I have spoken to tell me that it is very strange for the area to have no crops. There is no fresh produce and the little kiosks in town have no canned goods or fresh produce. Last Tuesday, a group arrived from Masaka with lots of fresh vegetables: potatoes, avocados, green beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, pineapples, passion fruit, carrots and fresh bread. I was over the top and looking forward to lots of good food. On Thursday morning, I opened the freezer to take out the bread and everything was rotten…. the fish has thawed and …. the smell caused me to gag and gag and gag….. everything was gone…. all my fresh produce was covered in a layer of fur. It was a terrible sight and smell. There had not been enough electricity from the solar panels to maintain my fridge and freezer.

So, in stead of going to Masaka for a few days to see how the girls were doing in the dorms….. I was going to Masaka for an indefinite period of time…. I would not be going back until a solution could be found. I need food and there was none to buy in Kibaale,  and any food I may have would be destroyed by the intense heat or by my fridge because of lack of power. There was a possible solution  a propane fridge but could one be found in Kampala. Karl and Arleen were going into Kampala for a business meeting Friday and Saturday and when they were there they asked around and discovered that a store called GAME had just received a shipment of propane fridges…. from South Africa by way of Mombasa, Kenya.

Ken and I drove the  2 1/2 to 3 hours into Kampala to buy me a propane fridge at Game. It was an all day trip. The fridge was secured to the back of the double cap pick up and we headed back to Masaka. We left at 8:30 and arrived in Masaka at 6 pm. It was a long hot day. I have never been to Kampala and in my mind it is very similar to many large third world cities. There are the very affluent store like Game (similar to a Walmart or Zellers) just a few block from a small stream where the women were washing there clothes and collecting drinking water. The availability of items is amazing but the prices are extremely expensive.  I spend over $100 on four small pieces of meat, two small portions of cheese, plus one round of cheese and three medium cartons of yogurt.  Then when we were almost back in Masaka, I bought 10 tomatoes, fours very large avocados, a very large papaya, 8 red onions, and 6 mangos for less than $10.  If you can get produce it is inexpensive but all everything else cost more than in Canada and the USA.

Today….. the fridge arrived in Kibaale……. to make it work they had to bang holes in my walls to put the line from the fridge to the propane tank which have to be outside…… my little house was a mess….. for most of the day. BUT now…. all is well…. the freezer is now cold and the fridge is now cool. It took most of the day for the fridge and freezer to work….

I am so happy to be back at home in Kibaale……. there were lots of you praying for an answer and Father God came through. It is good to be home…… I will wait until later tonight to put the vegetables in the fridge. I just want to make sure all is well and it works.

Thanks  to all of you for your prayers….. it still do not have any electricity and need to say good bye as my computer battery is almost dead.