Yes, the rains have come finally…..

A few days ago mid morning there was thunder and lightning and finally a gently rain fell. It was like a warm spring day in Canada. It was so nice and refreshing ….. I decided I had to take a walk in it, so I slowly wandered over to Samalie’s office. The next day was very similar…. the majority of the staff were not sure if it was going to rain…. the sky was filled with high white billowy clouds. I watched them moving quickly across the sky and suddenly the rain fell and everyone ran for cover. It was not a gently rain but a downpour which lasted about 30 to 45 minutes and then out popped the sun and everything dried up quickly as if there had been no downpour.

Now, last night the thunder and lightning started around 11 pm and then the rains fell…… on my bedroom metal roof. The darkness was everywhere…. I could not see the mosquito net surrounding my bed nor the window just a few feet from my bed or the door… all was dark and the rains hit the metal roof…… the strangest sounds could be heard. It sounded as if making types of creatures were walking over the roof….. the rains pounded and I was wondering if the roof would hold. I watched the clock as the minutes and hours passed and wondered if my little house was going to float away …..I thought about Noak and the ark and remembered how God protected Noak and all the animals…. I prayed that God would protect me. I was safe in bed and once or twice I checked to see if any portion of my bedding was wet. I was nice and warm and dry, so decided that I could wait till the sun came up to see what damage was done….. To my surprise all was well this morning….. I had not floated away around the Ugandan lands in my little house but was secure to the ground just where I was last night. The land looks the same but I have noticed that the grass is no longer straw in colour but has a fresh new green tone…… The blue skies have given way and are filled with large fluffy white clouds. It is a new season and I will be learning more about it as it continues.

Over the past few days, I have noticed that there are fires everywhere….. I thought that the land was so dry that they were nature fires….. I just learned that the farmers burn the land in preparation for planting a new crop…. they have two planting seasons in Uganda. One is at the end of Feb and the other is at the beginning of September. There are two rainy seasons and the crops are planted according to the rains….. It is good to know the rains have come… the people will have food to eat…… In this part of the world, most of the people life on what they grow. It is a hand to mouth lifestyle…..

For those who prayed for rain…. I thank you and so do the people of Kibaale.