Last night it was after dark before I headed out for my nightly walk around the Kibaale Community Centre compound. It is usually very quiet except for the few birds, and the crickets saying farewell to the sun…. and then the silence sets in….. but for some reason there was lots of noise and activity down by the front gate….. I headed that direction with the use of my flashlight…. I can see nothing in this darkness…… I was coming close to the gate and was hearing the sounds of many sheep…… but I had not seen any sheep in Uganda. I continued towards the gate wondering if someone was sick or hurt and needed medical care…… and out of nowhere a large man stepped into the light of my flashlight. I had not heard him …. but he was at least 6 feet tall and was wearing the garb of someone from the middle-east….. he grabbed my hand and started to shake while saying something about good evening and that he had finally arriving with the goats……Once my shock was quickly over….. I scanned the ground around us and saw three of four other men working to loop a piece of rope around the neck of a goat and then attach the piece of rope to one of the trees lining the roadway……. I counted 12 baby goats. I thought they were sheep by their sound…. Nevertheless, one baby goat was tied to each tree. There were black goats, and black and white goats, and spotted ones and brown ones ……. they were so cute. BUT who were the goats for?

Finally, the gentleman left and I was wondering if I was somehow responsible for the goats……. what was I going to do…… I ask one of the security guards at the front gate about the baby goats….. he said that the gentleman was suppose to have delivered the goats a few weeks ago and they were for the KFC office (the Kibaale Sponsorship Office).

This morning there were still 12 goats, each tied to a tree and all of them were peacefully eating the grass quietly by the side of the road….. Sometime in the middle of the day….. I noticed there were a few less goats….. and then finally in the late afternoon there was only one…. I watch a young boy tightly holding the piece of rope and walking his baby goat out the front gates….. I wish I had my camera…. The little boy walked so proudly down the red dry dirt road and it looked like he was having a talk with his baby goat….. The goat was a gift from the child’s sponsor. What a marvelous blessing….. a baby goat.