It is 5 pm and the clinic is closed…. there maybe some folks completing the last of their intravenous loading dose of quinine for the treatment of malaria…..most of the hundred or so patients have gone and the business of the day had finally calmed down and now the last of the work needs to be done….. one or two of the nurses will stay behind and complete the work while the rest of us go home…. It is only a 5 to 7 minute walk from the clinic to my humble abode but I am in the middle of a school…. and everything seems to start at 5 pm……

I move from sickness, disease and sadness to energy, enthusiasm and excitement. Once I leave the clinic compound I move into the realm of the school grounds and anything goes…..

Today…. the first section of green grass was being used by the senior girls playing a game of basketball on grass. I am not sure how it works but the yelling and screaming was enough to stop me….. I watched the activities for a few minutes… was just as much fun watching the guys jumping up and down screaming at the girls to do something or other…. as it was to watch the girls run and pass the ball and throw it into the small loop at either end of the field.

On the other side of the path were two groups of senior guys doing exercises prior to a game of soccer. Once the warm up exercises have been done… then the game begins……like all sports there are always the spectators… and there are always a large number of girls watching the game ready to scream and yell at the various actions of the different players….. You do not need to watch the game to know what is happening….. the comments from the player and the spectators is a commentary of the game and how good someone is playing or how someone should have played….. it is always high energy and exciting to watch and today so no exception…..

Except…. there was a lot of very loud music coming from my house…. well that is where the sound was coming from…. bit in truth is was coming from the students dining hall… which is just adjacent to the back of my place. It sounded like praise and worship music…. but for the youth. My curiosity got the best of me and I walked the extra few feet around the dormitory to see what was happening…. the dining hall was filled with one or two hundred primary students singing and dancing to the music…. it was high high energy with lots of excitement…… There is no way to describe the mass school blue uniforms moving, jumping, swaying, running, waving and ….. to the music. The positive excitement was captivating…… and I watched the activities for some minutes before I headed home…….

I pulled up my chair with a large glass of cold water and watched the soccer game and listened to the music….I recognized some of the words or some of the songs… but here I was in the middle of the world of energy, where all is well and everyone is enjoying life. It is a perfect way to end each day….. I do not dwell on the diseases or pain and sorrow but rather on the youth……