It is Sunday evening and I am still in Masaka. I normally leave for Kibaale around 4:30 Sunday afternoon so that I can get home before dark. It is also I very beautiful time of the day traveling from Ssanje (sand-gee) to Kibaale on the dark red dirt road. The hundreds or thousands of colours of green vegetation, the cool evening air with its freshness and the quiet peacefulness of the numerous people slowly walking or riding on the road gives this part of Uganda a welcoming invitation. I always feel like I am entering into a precious and amazing world separated from the loud, noisy and busy world like Masaka and Kampala. But tonight, I am stuck in Masaka…..

I traveled from Kibaale yesterday morning before the heat of the day….. arriving in Masaka with plenty of time to shop for medications and other supplies for the clinic, do some grocery shopping as I was out of coffee before going to a birthday party. It was Alex 16th birthday and his family put on an amazing pool party with lots of homemade Greek food. Of course, it had to be home made because you can not buy anything like pita bread, or the various Greek sauces in Uganda. I was transported back to Canada to my favourite Greek restaurants but nothing compare with this delicious food. You could say that the food was good because I have not had any Greek food for over 6 months but you would be wrong…. the food was an gastronomic delight because it was made with lots and lots of love…….

I parked my large land cruiser inside the gates of the Danish compound beside the pool for safety. I did not want to leave it on the street with all the medications inside. The land cruiser did not appear to have any problems as I drove to the Timothy Centre but this Sunday morning…. one of the workers spotted the flat. On examination, the tire had a very large slash in it which cannot be fixed. There is no place in Masaka to buy tires. Someone has to go to travel three hours to Kampala for a new tire for the land cruiser….. It is not just the trip to Kampala that takes the time but will the shops be open and will they have the right size tire for the vehicle. I have no idea when I will be able to leave but I am in Masaka until it is fixed.

I am so thankful that the flat did not happened on my trip into Masaka or on my trip long the dirt road into Kibaale ….. in fact no time is a good time to have a flat tire. BUT I have to say, this has to be the best flat tire I have ever had. I am safe and everything is being taken care of by someone other than me. All I have to do is wait. This is Africa.

I am going to take this flat as a gift so that I can be still and relax…. caught up on my blogging, emails and sleep…….. I can not nothing to change the situation so I might as well enjoy the opportunity given me.