During my time in Uganda, I had a birthday… I received this ditty for Margo on the advent of her 63rd birthday as a gift. It was my first poem written for me and about me. I remember laughing and crying. I still cry each time a read this truly amazingĀ  thoughtfulness. I want to thank each person who helped create this very precious gift which I would like to give life too… in this blog.

Years ago, in 1980, my African adventure began with the opportunity to visit dear friends on their opening a new MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) program in the once known country of the Belgium Congo/ Zaire. I went for a six month visit and ended up staying almost 3 1/2 years. Some of my adventures during those years were included in this ditty for Margo.


Margo, a nurse, in New West did live,
One day she decided that she had more to give.
So to the Congo she did venture,
A move which perhaps the family did censure.
There she hired a man to grow,
Beans, carrots, corn and tomato
He decided that her crops he did like.
So with the sale proceeds he took a hike.


She inhabited the jungles for three years
Until one day she left in tears,
To return to the Canadian bitter cold,
To listen for what Father God told.


A few years went by and along came Pastor Gord
Who claimed to have a calling from the Lord
To Kibaale you much hurry,
You have spent enough time in Surrey.


When she arrived there the grass needed a rake,
So under her bed curled a little black snake,
To Samalie’s house she did flee,
In hopes that there PJ would be.


The Kibaale clinic did not stand a chance
When into it our intrepid nurse did dance.
All the medicines were put in order,
Never had they met such a sorter.


Then to the guesthouses she turned her eye
No longer could cleaners in the beds lie.
Each house was given a new name,
Starting with J and of Biblical fame.


Although our Margo claims to be accident free
This is not what we see.
Walking from Hadjets in a night like black ink
Into the mud pit she did sink.
Which caused the Kibaale staff to laugh
Moses and Namukiika were bent in half.


Next she met up with some fiery ants,
Who made themselves at home in her underpants.
While she tried to usher them to the door,
She discovered the water in her tank was no more.
Through the guesthouse she ran to the pump,
Only to hit the floor with a bump.
And as she lay staring at the ceiling
She hoped her limbs would retain some feeling.


A week later she thought she’s try badminton
To play her hardest in order to win,
She reached back and said, “I got ’em.”
When her feet gave way and she landed on her bottom.


On the way to church on Christmas Day,
The bus decided a trick to play,
Out of the engine billowed black smoke.
So onto the sidewalk hastened the folk.
On to the church they made their way
“Watch out for the sign”, Rachel did say
With her head Margo butted the sign
Sending a shudder right down her spine.


We are glad to celebrate 63
And hope that 64, you will see.
We are thankful for your very hard work
And hope in the future no more accidents lurk.
We admire the way you can laugh at yourself,
And think it keeps you in very good health.
We appreciate your generous heart
And in our minds, you’re no old fart.